Cloud-based End-to-End AI platform

Fone.AI is an end-to-end cloud-hosted software where you can set up voice AI bots end-to-end without hassles. This includes buying or porting phone numbers, configuring speech and NLP engines. Also, you can set up an action trigger using Fone.AI’s custom DSL.

Business-friendly Cost-Saving Software

Reduced need for office space, human labor, and telephony equipment saves you from a lot of expenses. Fone.AI can also be easily integrated into existing software apps with the help of RESTful APIs. An API call can trigger phone calls and the server can also trigger API calls.

Military-grade security with fault-tolerant infrastructure

Hosted on world-class AWS cloud infrastructure, Fone.AI provides a high degree of robustness and fault tolerance.
The platform has cutting edge security installed ensuring that your data is safe. You can bet on us!

Seamless human transfer

Transfer live phone calls to external phone numbers call without the call being cut or interrupted through Fone.AI's Seamless call transfer. Segregated inbound and outbound VoIP servers enable for the smooth transition of calls and custom branching

Intuitive NLP Engine & Accurate Speech Engines

The Natural Language Processing engine in Fone.AI can understand the nuances of human natural language and can decipher the intent and entities in the spoken sentences.
Speech Recognition has more than 95% accuracy for the North-American English accent.

Action Trigger by Custom DSL

Want to make play an audio file, speak a text, or hit an API endpoint or branch out to different number altogether? You can easily achieve it by manipulating the live call with DSL(domain-specific language) to make life easier and less complex.

Round the clock availability

A call missed is an opportunity missed! Ensure your business picks call round the clock without any miss through Fone.AI.
Delight your customers by serving them without any time constraints with the power of AI

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation of telephony enables your business for consistent quality and ensures a regular tone for the company eliminating mood swings of employees and precise information each time.

Business Intelligence

Last, but not least!
As customers’ responses are converted into textual formats, graphical advanced reports with accurate call flows can enable businesses to make much intelligent business decisions