Frequently Asked Questions

Fone.AI is an Artificial Intelligence voice bot-building platform focussed over telephony. In other words, using Fone.AI you can:

  • Create IVR bots that can speak, recognize, and understand your customer's speech.
  • Make telesales campaigns and qualify prospects and transfer only qualified leads.
  • Reduce expenses for maintaining customer support and telephony infrastructure.

Fone.AI can easily integrate with any software apps, provided you give us the APIs to interact with it. Outbound calls can be triggered by Fone.AI using API calls to our server.
Fone.AI also has capabilities to hit an API endpoint or post data into any webhook, provided you give it necessary permissions and correct data.

Fone.AI works well for North-American accented English (US & Canada).
However, we will be coming up with other languages as well in the future.

Alexa, Siri are personal assistants - meaning they are used by consumers for their needs on practically any domain - be it from playing music to updating football scores. There is nothing much to configure in these assistants.
However, Fone.AI is a business solution - they are targeted for business, that wants to give their customers a better customer experience and it works on a limited domain - a loan campaigning bot is not expected to perform well with booking appointments. The bot has to be properly configured keeping in mind what the customers would talk to it once deployed.

Fone.AI works in a recurring-prepaid pricing model. Once you are satisfied with the demo and start using the product, you will be charged a recurring minimum amount every month.
The outbound call price is slightly higher than the inbound call. At present, we serve only North American customers.

Yes, you can use Fone.AI with the phone numbers you have at the present. To use Fone.AI with your current phone number, you need to do either of the following:

  1. Call forward all the calls to the current number to the new number that comes along with Fone.AI. Though this is a quick workaround, can work pretty well at the starting times with Fone.AI
  2. Raise an official request for porting of the existing number from your vendor to Fone.AI. This may take a couple of days to a few days for transfer and is more permanent. We recommend this approach after you have confidence with Fone.AI

Currently, No. Since Fone.AI is an end-to-end platform we recommend you use only our VoIP trunks and engines for compatibility and better accuracy.
It comes as a default offering and cannot be changed.

Fone.AI is built on world-class cloud infrastructure with robust software components. It can easily handle 1000s of concurrent calls.
However, to avoid misuse and spam, we limit each user number to handle 10 calls by default. This number can be elevated upon user request.

Though it is technically possible, we recommend not combining assistants intended for personal use with business use.
Fone.AI comes with its speech engines and NLP engines which may not find compatibility with Google or Amazon.

You may need to recharge again to continue making or receiving the calls. The recharged amount may be carried forward for the months to come as well.
Tip: We would recommend upgrading your plan in case you find you are making or receiving more calls since upgraded plans have competitive advantages when compared with basic plans.