Role of Voice AI bots in Customer Support

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Patience is a virtue most of us aren’t blessed with today. So, it is natural for a customer to seek an immediate response to his queries, without his autonomy being invaded. And all the customer support services of the day realize that the longer they make a client wait, the earlier they’ll be gone.

Therefore in search of an optimal solution, brands have found a treasure trove in the form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Specifically, voice bots are fast empowering many businesses while replacing the traditional chatbots across various industry segments.

The use of Voice bots is capable of enhancing customer engagements, as they work relentlessly around the clock. So these telephony voice AI bots are employed across various support services, including marketing, acquiring customers, and driving sales. Without a doubt, they are serving at the front lines of customer support, with human involvement required only at later stages.

So let’s discuss the role of Voice AI bots in the customer support segment and why they are set to replace the chatbots soon.


Is the ChatBot hype for real?


The first-ever chatbot came into existence way back in the 1960s. And now, half of the consumers want interactions via chat, as reported in the Aspect Survey. And there’s hardly a website on the internet that doesn’t have one. Much before this survey, many brands wanted to curtail their human workforce and replaced them with virtual chatbots. Yet, there is a certain skepticism about it.

Let’s take a cue from big brands like Microsoft’s chatbot Tay. It was severely abused by the users, and the company had to roll it back within a day. Moreover, not all have been satisfied with their interaction with a chatbot. In 2016, an article in the Guardian by Alex Hern mentioned that “The bots really suck”.

Another report by Forrester states that it will take years for the chatbots to master the craft. But with the emergence of voice AI customer support bots, chatbots will hardly have the chance to recuperate.
So naturally, the voice bot is here to stay and will soon make the chatbots obsolete. Now let’s delve into more reasons for this.


How Voice AI Bots can be Game Changers in Customer Support?


Voice-driven AI personal assistants, be it Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, or Microsoft’s Cortana, they have already become the new band of marketing agents present in the customers’ palms. Here are a few more perks that commercial AI voice bots like Fone.AI  have to offer.

Personalizable Customer Support

Like chatbots, Voice bots also have access to endless query contexts, lying on some central database. Additionally, these are smart and can fetch preferences, transaction history, and more from the central pool of data. So they are least likely to get stuck and are up with a solution or suggestion in a matter of seconds. On top of it, as they are powered by AI, they can even predict the next course of action of the customer.

Efficiently Prompt

Voice bots are quick to respond to user queries with an almost natural voice. Most brands employing voice bots use it to automate the more mundane and repetitive tasks. On the other hand, they get a breather for allocating their resources to more critical tasks. So it’s pretty much like shooting two apples with a single arrow. And of course, no unnecessary line holdups means no furiously waiting customers.

Reduced Brainwork for Customers

The live agents often ask the customer to hold the line as they scroll through the database for finding relevant information. The traditional IVR however plays all the messages that are mostly unwanted for the customer. Voice bots eliminate this step as they are already equipped with predictive answers for user queries and are ready to go in most instances.

Operation Optimization for businesses

Though we wouldn’t say that the Voice bots will completely replace human customer support, they can help create a balance. In fact, they work best when coupled with the human workforce. For instance, a voice telephony bot can eliminate the waiting period by promptly fetching information, until a human agent is available. The opportunities to optimize your operations are endless.

Hand-free Outreach

Another obvious benefit that makes the voice bots stand out is its hand free usage. While one has to continually type while interacting with a chatbot, voice bots are a verbal command away. And since voice assistants over telephony already have an extensive outreach, it is easy to get to a broader audience in a shorter span of time.


Key Takeaway!


Voice bots are one of the AI-powered tools that come in handy for taking customer engagements to the next level. Besides, the bot voice is pseudo-human, so it definitely has a better interface than chatbots.

In a time when 69% of U.S. online adults shop more with retailers that offer consistent customer service, the significance of artificial intelligence in customer support is unparalleled. Besides, when you opt for these services through reliable platforms like Fone.AI, you can rest assured of tapping all the benefits of voice AI bots.

So are you ready to embrace AI for transforming the way your brand interacts with your customers?


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