Revolution in Telemarketing Through AI

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In telemarketing, one must sell ‘the way you solve a problem,’ The product or service will be sold in collateral. Now how to do that relies on how quickly and persuasively a telemarketer can approach a customer. This is one of the reasons that AI has been roped in the form of voice bots to bring in a revolution in the telemarketing domain.

Now, telemarketing was initially incepted by a bunch of housewives selling cookies. Albeit, by 1965, it graduated from casual calls looking for customers to fully trained telemarketing executives. Yet, the most prominent of all the developments so far has been the advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI). And more so, the proceeding evolution that AI has begun in making Telesales. 

Voice bots can handle everything from handling new leads to maturing them, across various stages. Additionally, they are also proving to be more effective than real-life telemarketers, be it availability, knowledge, or results. 

Benefits of Voice Bots in Telemarketing

Asper Business Insider inputs, over 51% of young consumers have already interacted with a voice bot. Besides, one in nine parents admits that it’s their kids who influence their purchase decision, as per Marketing Charts. Putting the two together, we can have a fair idea about how voice chats are set to rule the call center job in the coming years. 

If that’s not the case in your household, here’s another stat to convince you. As per another think tank, Gartner, 25 percent of customer service operations are anticipated to use virtual customer assistants by 2020. So, from intelligent conversations to picking pieces from previous conversations for smart replies, AI voice bots are making long strides in call centers. Let’s see how.

Faster Lead Conversion with Speech Recognition

The relentlessly working voice bots are not programmed to get tired. And they never will! Thus, the bots will make call after call, and with intelligent conversations mature the leads as well. However, an even better aspect is that voice AI bots can recognize human speech. This central database serves as a single brain, with immense knowledge and experience.

Powerfully Efficient Streamlining of Processes

The biggest perk of having a voice bot in your telemarketing scene is a marked improvement in the efficiency of processes. From fetching information much faster than humans, to drawing immediate deductions from potential customers, voice bots are pretty quick. Plus, you’ll have the human workforce for mandating the other tasks, while your Telesales is automated with AI voice bots. And whenever you need a transition between the two, it’ll be absolutely seamless.

Prompt and Intelligent Conversations

Not all human telemarketers have the same level of persuasion skills. Besides, you can never draw a concrete assumption that all of them will scale their skills with time. The AI voice bots, on the contrary, are self-learning and can make their own deductions and decision making. Besides, they have one central pool of all client communications. In the case of human telemarketers, this pool of knowledge would have been scattered among the different employees, who’d also be the owner of the knowledge, not you.

Immense Knowledge Base

Before making a call, a human telemarketer would do some homework, have a list of frequently asked queries. On the contrary, telemarketing AI-based voice bots can do the same, and more. First off, a human is reliant on his knowledge or past experience while proceeding with a call. Telesales bots have an entire centralized database at their anvil, from where they fetch info as and when they need. Besides, if, in any instance, human intervention is required, that’s possible as well. 

Key Takeaway

In the words of a famous celebrity, a telemarketing call always ends in a sale. It is either an executive selling his solution to a customer. Or the customer sells a reason for not buying the telemarketers solution. So, it all depends on who closes the deal. The one thing you must ensure is that you choose the AI Voice bots from Fone.AI, and it will ensure that it’s you on the winning side. You can bet on us!

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