Upsell your voice offerings with AI

Fone.AI is a white-label voice bot building platform that can be integrated with your exisitng telecom voice offerings and sold to your clients on your brand helping them to automate phone calls through AI.

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Why Choose Fone.AI

Fone.AI comes with a lot of exciting features to provide real benefits for you and your clients

White label Model

White label Fone.AI offerings and sell to your clients as your product

Savings Enabler

Automation of phone calls reduces the need for human labor and can increase savings by atleast 435%*.

Easy to Use

Easy and intitutive interface to build bots helps to quickly build complex bots

Quick Deployment

Deploy your bots quickly and get started in minutes!

Universal Interconnect

Interconnect Fone.AI with any exisiting PBX systems and forward calls through SIP

Powerful Reports

Intelligent business reports to take wiser business decisions

Perfect Solution for Automating Phone Calls

Fone.AI is the perfect solution for automating phone calls through AI. Its advanced machine learning algorithms give speech recognition accuracy of upto 95%.

Fone.AI can be easily used by integrating your exisiting PBX systems without replacing by transferring the call through SIP. Our bots process the calls as configured in the console.

Easy to Use with Awesome Features

Fone.AI is very easy to use and is power-packed with interesting features.

  • Graphical User Interface to configure the bots
  • Pre-recorded voices can be played during the call
  • 95% Accuracy for US accent English language
  • Hot words helps recognise newer words
  • Helps you provide 24/7 Support and handle multiple callers